Jian One Child Zhi

Jian One Child Zhi is inspired by one child policy in China by the Chinese Communist Party. From the very beginning of the One Child policy, the Communist Party have been persecuting pregnant women, forced abortion and undocumented children. And recently, the policy has led to another social problem, a unbalanced family tree creating enormous financial pressure on the future generation.

I applied the traditional Chinese paper craftsmanship style with modern technology and industrial material, which are laser cutting and plexiglass, to represent the transition of traditional Chinese family core value.

The wealthy spoiled child living in the city was presented on the first plexiglass work. The child is surrounded by plenty of luxury goods and resources while spoiled by their millionaire parents. Peony on the work stands for wealthy in Chinese traditionally


For the second plexiglass work, it is telling a story of poor child who was raised in a peasant family. Their family were not able to support their living by farming because of lacking in labor due to one child policy. And the poor child, while spending most of their time in farming, lost their opportunity to receive quality education, and had not been able to escape poverty.


While the third glasswork is a reflection of the children future, because of the lack of young future generation, it is very likely that they will have to pay higher taxes to support the huge elder population for their retirement. The Chinese future generations are also not very likely to support themselves because of the skyrocketing house prices and foresee a dimming future.